About Us

LEATHER takes time, and we at JIYA EXIM absolutely understand that good things do take time. Our goal has always been to create more than just products, we create emotions.
For the past TWO DECADES our craftsmanship along with our state of the art facility have built an atmosphere where we create goods which could reflect the feelings of our consumer.

20 Years ago starting off as a small scale unit to becoming a manufacturing giant, with 50,000 sq ft. of production area we have come a really long way. On the journey we have created an awe-inspiring collection of products, built a team which has a beautiful mix of Experience & calm along with the push of youth and energy, which has helped us be innovative, sustainable and consistent in quality and delivery. As we continue to develop new stylish yet functional products we have also paid great attention to developing sustainable goods and also found small ways to give back to nature and our