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India’s top leather manufacturing and exporting cities.

Leather products have been extensively used as a tool of luxury, protection, comfort, utility, and fashion. India’s connection with this versatile and useful material dates back almost five thousand years. Currently, leather is regarded as a symbol of prestige and well-being. The Indian leather industry has a vast domestic market and a good potential for […]


Social compliance and its requirement in the leather industry

Globalization has provided the leather industries with opportunities to approach the labour markets. The ever-increasing global demand for leather and leather products continues to rise, since the global population and the standard of living increases rapidly every year.   The leather manufacturers faced a return on their demand due to the shift of the global […]

Modern technologies aid in leather industry’s makeover

India’s bid to be globally acclaimed in the leather industry is prospering through the rapid evolution and modernization of the leather sector. India’s exports of leather products have already reached the billion mark annually. The leather sector has a substantial potential for employment generation with about four million employees currently engaged in leather production units […]

Indian leather exports comes under world’s radar

Leather products have been consistently used by man as a tool of luxury, preservation, comfort, utility, and fashion. Today, leather is still regarded as a symbol of prestige and well-being. The global competition has been the major driving force for the leather industry to upgrade its technological base. As per the current statistics, India is […]

India, the forerunner in the leather industry

The Indian economy is flourishing due to the predominance of the leather industry having a tremendous potential for employment, growth, and exports. A lot of emphasis has been laid on the overall development. The aim is to access the highest quality raw materials and utilize them to maximise the returns derived from mainly exports. Initially, […]