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Leather products have been consistently used by man as a tool of luxury, preservation, comfort, utility, and fashion.

Today, leather is still regarded as a symbol of prestige and well-being. The global competition has been the major driving force for the leather industry to upgrade its technological base.

As per the current statistics, India is the 6th largest export country of rawhide, skin and leather products in the world.

According to Leather Export Report of India, India is exporting leather products to around 100 countries across the world.

During the last three decades, valuable suggestions have been given by the scientists and technologists. This has transformed the traditional leather industry into a modern, vibrant and export-oriented industry.

The catalyst to Indian Exports – Research and Development (R&D)

Yes! Research and development has a crucial part to play in the current leather business as the level of competition, production, processes and methods are rapidly increasing. The focus of this segment is vital as the leather exporters need to understand the current trends and analyze the needs, demands and desires of their customers.

The biggest research and development institute for leather in the world, Central Leather Research Institute (CSIR-CLRI) was founded on 24 April, 1948. Its prime objective is to build the internal capabilities within the country, to generate and assimilate innovative technologies for the leather sector. This institute is well-equipped with the modern testing laboratory of international standards.

Today, the scientists are actively involved in making efforts towards the development of an environmental friendly chemicals and technologies, modernisation of tanneries, upgrading of poor leather, wastewater management and computer-aided designs for leather products.

Some of the major contributions by scientists and technologists that changed the face of the leather industry are :

  • Chrome Tanning: In order to reduce the time taken for the tanning process, the scientists came up with the idea of chrome tanning of leather. This process guarantees a cost-efficient and superior quality leather.

  • Seal and sink finishing technique: The scientists found out that an inferior quality leather can be converted into finished products, and be given an exotic appearance. This could be used to manufacture a wide range of leather goods. The seal and sink finishing technique aided in masking of the defects in the substandard leather.

  • Eco-friendly approach in leather processing: The primary agenda of the research team is to provide more eco-friendly products which are free from health hazards.

  • Development of processes to utilise even by-products: The technologists and researchers found ways to utilise the by-products from slaughterhouses and tanneries,  develop these processes in order to make useful products.

  • Adding class and exclusivity to world of fashion: The designing of fashionable leather products with contrasting colours and styles is an endowment by technology in the leather sector. It has undeniably added class and exclusivity to the world of fashion

Indian leather industry is a result of a prolific liaison between research and industry. The capabilities and expertise of researchers have enabled the leather industry to excel in the national as well as international projects.

We, at JIYA EXIM have always strived to adapt to the latest technologies and methods of production. We believe in constant innovation. Taking cue from the global advancement and improvements in leather processing, we have recently introduced the INLINE METHOD of production at our new unit.

To compete globally, we have adopted technologies from all over the world. We have imported production related machines from the best companies around the world. Some of our imported machines include machines from CAMOGA and DURKOPP ADLER who are pioneers in producing high-quality machines in their respective fields. This not only helps us to produce high-quality products, but also reduce operational costs and maintain accuracy.

At Jiya, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality at the lowest price. We are ready to innovate and adapt to the global requirements.

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