India, the forerunner in the leather industry

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The Indian economy is flourishing due to the predominance of the leather industry having a tremendous potential for employment, growth, and exports. A lot of emphasis has been laid on the overall development. The aim is to access the highest quality raw materials and utilize them to maximise the returns derived from mainly exports. 

Initially, leather was distributed in some regions under the name of the traditional craft while it was disseminated as cottage industries in the rural areas. This marked the foundation of economic as well as societal growth

Originally, the leather sector had a limited growth due to the lack of scientific impulsion. This provoked the industrialists to explore the possibilities of boosting the leather sector by integrating the research and development component.

The scenario has now changed completely in the last three decades. The leather industry has modernized its approach, initiating the export of sophisticated leather goods and garments. This sector is currently one of the five largest foreign exchange earners in India.

The by-products from the slaughterhouses are converted and utilized to make different types of leather. Different amalgamation of materials with inputs, labor and capital form the three processing stages of leather production. The procurement of the raw materials marks the first stage. This includes the hides and skins recovered from the slaughterhouses. The next stage is leather tanning and finishing, which demands capital investments. This is followed by the final stage involving the intensive-labor activities.

So what makes India the forerunner in the leather scenario?

Well! India holds a well-deserving position due to the following factors:


  • An Abundance of raw materials
  • Increased foreign currency earning
  • Advancement of technology
  • A huge export market
  • Improved employment sector



It has become an imperative part of the Indian economy with an annual turnover of over US$ 7.5 billion. India accounts for 21% of the cattle and buffalo and 11% of the global goat and sheep population. The industry is supported by new and innovative design development infrastructure.


The current export graph has touched above the  $3.47 billion mark already. A host of niche leather goods like garments, bags, footwear, gloves, saddlery and harness are exported frequently with an ever-increasing demand for it every day. To strike a balance between the quality and  quantity,  the Indian manufacturers are gearing up to manufacture goods at competitive prices.

Since our inception, we have been a part of this paradigm shift. We not only manufacture leather goods in bulk but also conceptualise to bring forth an array of designer leather products that can be exported to multiple countries.

 In order to cater to the increase in demand of leather products, we have increased and modernized an extra 50000 sq feet of space. This will add further 56% increase in our production capabilities.

Our modernized unit is coming up at the KOLKATA LEATHER COMPLEX, BANTALA with all the latest machineries and technology.

 Thus, with an increased workforce, experience and competent craftsman. We strive to cater to bulk exports, samplings and designing requirements 


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